Surface Technology

Our state-of-the-art electroplating lines provide the possibility of endless surface coating of selective strip and stamped grids. The precious metal or functional surface are brought / carried to the right point. Our engineers will help you to deal with the right layer system selection and the definition of the ideal selective technology.

Typical base materials are copper, copper alloys, nickel alloys, steel and stainless steel from 0.05 mm to 1.2 mm. We offer coatings for full strips, stamped parts, wires and profiles with all possible coating systems in the electronic industry and electrical engineering:

  • nickel, copper, silver, palladium, nickel / palladium, solid gold, ductile (pliable) gold, bondable gold, bondable Nano-coating nickel/palladium/gold and pure tin.

Inovan coatings are distinguished by the following properties :

  • Selective surfaces with the narrowest tolerances
  • Abrasion resistant coating combinations
  • Solderable surfaces
  • Surfaces for wire bonding
  • Corrosion resistant surfaces
  • Surfaces for connectors


Our broad portfolio contains the following variations:

Solid strip

The solid strips plated by Inovan are distinguished by high precision of the strip positioning and strip width. Several plated selective strips can be placed on both sides.

We offer to our clients a wide range of coatings: Nickel, silver, hard gold, ductile bendable gold, bondable gold, pure tin.

Inovan also provides various types of plating: All over, selective, strip plating with mask technology or tape technology, special plating.

Plated solid strips are applicable as production pre-stage for stamped grids , contact elements, electronic industry, automotive industry, building and housing technology and in industry automation.

Our product range contains:

Strip width up to 160 mm
Minimum quantity Approx. 50 kg (Min. length: 500 m)
Max. coil weight Approx. 1,5 t (max. Outside diameter: 1.450 mm)

Stamped grids

We apply metals with state-of-the-art computer-controlled systems onto stamped grids with different selective technologies.

We offer to our clients a wide range of plating combinations and strip widths:

  • nickel, gold, pure tin up to 120 mm
  • nickel, bondable gold, hard gold, silver, pure tin up to 130 mm
  • nickel, palladium-nickel 80/20, hard gold, pure tin up to 70 mm
  • nickel, palladium, gold, pure tin up to 70 mm
  • nickel, silver, tin up to 100 mm

Inovan also provides various types of coating processes:

  • spot plating
  • brush technology
  • selective plating
  • adhesive tape masking
  • belt technology

Stamped grids are used as contact elements for electronic industry, automotive industry, building and housing technology and industry automation.

Our product range contains:

Minimum Quantity Approx. 50 kg (min. length 300 m)
Coil weight Approx. 0,25 t (max. Outside diameter: 1.000 mm)

Wires & Profiles

Besides reel-to-reel plating of stamping grids or raw material, we also offer wire and contact profile plating in a selective or overall plated version. We are able to plate e.g. Ni, Au, AuCo. All of our surfaces can be plated as allover or selective version.

By using our modern plating equipment we assure less set up times and less material usages linked to a high economical and precision standard with an outstanding quality.

Our product range contains:

Base material copper and nickel alloy, steel, stainless steel
Dimensions 0,01 mm x 0,5 mm to 1,5 mm x 3 mm, also round wires (further on request)
Min. length 200 m
Max. coil weight about 59 kg on coils K355 (further coils on request)


Bondable Surfaces

Our bondable surfaces are frequently used in electronic components which need to be aluminum wire bonded, gold wire bonded or ribbon bonded. Our well trained engineers will support you to define the right plating system for your requirements.

Our well equipped bonding laboratory with a different kind of bonding machines, inspection machines and x-ray systems, including a scanning electron microscope allows us an exact anlysis of our surfaces.

Bondable surfaces are used e.g. in control units and sensors in the automotive or electronic industry.

We offer the whole spectrum out of todays used bond plating technology.

Our product range contains:

  • Electroplated Ni-Au (bond gold)
  • Nano-coating systems (Ni, Pd, Au)
  • Silver
  • Rolled-plated AlSi with additional electroplated surfaces
  • Copper (on request)