Stamped-Bent Technology

Adapted to our high precision stamping tools we offer you further equipment like e.g. welding, rolling, riveting.
Also “in line” cleaning or degreasing systems can be adapted.
Linked to your requirements our manufacturing system is set up with multiple winding systems or inline camera systems to guarantee a perfect part quality.

Our broad portfolio contains the following variations:


Stamped and bent parts

With modern high-speed presses and production lines, we produce all types of stamped, bent as well as combined parts. Bruderer high-speed presses and Bihler machines allow additional processes such as laser welding, resistance welding or riveting.

Individual surface finishing upon request and best production facilities guarantee high precision and a continuously high quality standard just like efficiency for serial and large-scale production.
Highly sensitive camera measurement systems allow a one hundred percent control during the entire production process.

Stamped and bent parts are used in the automotive, information and communication technology, additionally in the field of medical technology, electronics and electro-technology. Typical stamped and bent parts are contacts for connectors, switches or spring contacts for various applications, stamping grids serve for example as conductive base in control devices.

Our product range contains:

Materials Steel-, Copper alloys; Aluminium and customized alloys on request
Band thickness 0,05 mm to 3,0 mm, deviating band thickness on request
Burr max. 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm without additional deburring
Tolerances General Tolerances: < ±0,05 mm, in thickness direction ±0,02 mm
Flush cut > 50% possible, on demand.



Micro-stamped parts

Micro-stamped parts are used in small sized components. INOVAN competencies are production of tools for micro-stamped parts with spark erosion wire with a diameter of 0.03 mm. This takes stamping technology in the micro-range to the limit.

With our highly precise production facilities we take stamping technology in the micro-range to the limit and guarantee nevertheless our usual high level of quality.

Micro-stamped parts are used in antenna films, small sized components and for example lead frames.

In serial conditions, we produce with the following minimum dimensions:

Dimensions up to 40 µm
Material thickness up to 50 µm


Bondable stamped parts

Stamped parts with bondable functional surfaces enable the contact of electronic elements, circuit boards or silicon chips.

Inovan offers the whole range of modern bondable stamped parts. From complex stamped parts, infinitely wound or single, to pre-moulded parts up to complex assemblies in the metal-plastic composite. We can ensure best support and a complete solution with know-how and state-of-the art production facilities.

Examples of application are ABS/ESP systems for the lighting or airbag control in cars.

Our product range contains:

  • Electroplated Ni-Au (bond gold)
  • Roller-plated AlSi
  • Nano-coating systems Ni Pd Au


Snap Domes

By using high grade materials and high precision technologies INOVAN grants highest reliability and quality standards.

Inovan offers a variety of standard dimensions, as well as designed solutions in cooperation with specific demands.

Products are used in different contact devices for automotive and industrial operating interfaces, like for example in keypads.

Inovan Standard Surfaces:

  • Au
  • Ag
  • Ni activation
  • Blank


Pressfit Connections

Pressfit connections are used for reliable solderless connections to PCBs.

INOVAN offers a broad viarity of standardized products as well as developing individual, customized solutions.

Our products are used for e.g. in control units or sensors in the Automotive industry or used as board to board connectors.

Our pressfit connections are characterized by:

Reliable solderless connection up to 175 ° C
Pressfit thickness 0,60 mm, 0,64 mm and 0,80 mm
Material CuSn6 or CuNiSi for higher temperature requirements
Surface surface plating Ni/Si
Specification DIN EN 60352-5


Weld-on parts

The optimization of welding technology already begins at INOVAN with careful
selection of contact materials, technical wires and contact profiles that are produced on our own premises.

The contact materials are welded onto the stamped grid and contact parts.

We produce bulk goods as well as products on carrier strip on reels or blister packaging. Our in-house production ensures the quality directly from the beginning.

 Our products are used as micro switches or contact elements for household appliances or light switches