Sponsorship: "250 years of Gold Town Pforzheim"

In 2017 Pforzheim celebrates the 250th anniversary of the watch and silverware industry with a big Jubilee festival. And Inovan is participating as a sponsor. The silverware factory laid the foundations for subsequent international industries. This way the precision, medicine and stamping technology developed in Pforzheim and thus also Inovan.

Some details about Inovan's company history:

More than 60 years ago Emil Kiefer and Fritz Ruf developed a material called INOVAN: As a rolled gold-doublé with a carrier made of stainless steel, it was a perfect material for watch bands. The new material was a success. The portfolio grew with the production of wire and profiles for metal spectacles, bimetals, stamped parts, fitted stainless steel contacts and electroplated contacts. During the following years the production processes proved ideal for electric contacts and were a big factor for INOVAN’s growth. A new production factory in Birkenfeld, Hohwiesenstrasse, was necessary for the extension of the steel mill, punching shop with its integrated tool shop and electroplating shop in a separate plant in Dürrn, just north east of Pforzheim. In May 1966 the production started in Birkenfeld’s Industriestrasse 44, until today the main plant of INOVAN. The idea of good customer service was a main focus of INOVAN’s founders and still remains unchanged today.

From material to contact element – everything under one roof.

Technologies, facts and figures today:  

Technologies: Materials (contact profiles and bimetals, etc.), Surface (solid strips, stamped grids, wires, profiles, bondable surfaces, Nano coating systems etc.), Stamp and bend technology (micro stamped parts, press fits, snap domes, etc.), Moulding technology (metal-plastic-composites, connectors, assembled parts), Fasteners (coiled spring pins, slotted pins, tubular products), Special parts (laser welded parts, special turned parts, wire parts, etc.)

Employees: 750

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