Inovan pays homage to loyal employees

To honour loyal employees is of special concern to Inovan CEO Dr. Thomas Hoer. For this reason the jubilee ceremony of 2015 was a special occasion.

In 2015 it was the 25th. jubilee of 27 Inovan employees. Also at special note was the 40th. jubilee of one Inovan member in 2015. Unfortunately it was not possible for all honoured employees to be present at the ceremonial event.

Dr. Thomas Hoer thanked the employees for their long-term commitment and solidarity to Inovan. During on enjoyable dinner the wizard “Magic Paddy” entertained with his performance. Congratulations were expressed by Inovan management to the employees and also from the respective department managers. Sonja Sing, work council chairman, presented gifts to the honoured employees. The final of the evening was a fire- and light show.

f. l. t. r.: Jose Sancha Velo, Antonio Manzi, Frank Ostertag, Andrea Rupp, Heinrich Schneider, Thomas Okunick, Dietmar Popp, Andrea Weber, Viktor Antoni, Christian Schyma, Ralph Pape, Dr. Thomas Hör, Dr. Frank Popp, Mathias Sperling, Eva Müller, Joachim Nasswetter, Martina Stirl, Olga Hörner, Wolfgang Schlimmer, Heiko Malke, Georg Teutsch, Viktor Diegel

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