Inovan donates 1.000,- Euro to Sterneninsel e.V.

On December 10, Thorsten Gieske (on the left) and Rolf Elsässer (on the right) from Sterneninsel e.V. came to Industriestr. 44 in Birkenfeld to receive the donation check for 1,000 euros to support the children and youth hospice service from Dr. Ansgar Nonn (in the middle), Chairman of the Prym Group.

In conversation with Thorsten Gieske, 1st chairman, he was proud of his organisation. The special thing is that the helpers come directly to the families' homes to make their everyday lives easier and create freedom for the finer things in life. Rolf Elsässer, a volunteer with the association, looks back fondly on a canoe trip with family members, for example.

For Inovan, Sterneninsel e.V. is exactly the right address for a regional donation, says Dr. Nonn. The work there is a very important one that often goes unseen. Inovan wants to help bring more attention to this institution.

Since 2010, Sterneninsel e.V. has been supporting families in the Pforzheim and Enzkreis area in which a child, young person or parent has a life-threatening or life-shortening illness. Families are often accompanied in their grief from the time of diagnosis until after the death of the sick person. Through the valuable work of the association, affected families have time for themselves again, they are given opportunities for self-help and the neglect of siblings can be prevented. The team consists of qualified employees who work full-time or on a voluntary basis.

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