Quality Management

Quality is the best possible fulfilment of the requirements and expectations of our customers for Inovan. This includes openly dealing with our mistakes. We demand the highest level of quality awareness and personal responsibility from our employees and oblige each and every one to continually improve processes.

Only consequential planning and optimisation of our processes leads to systematic achievement of the needs and expectations of our customers. This means that quality is not a one-off but is continual and reproducible. Our systems are regularly checked by an independent certification body as proof of quality.

Our quality management systems are currently certified according to the requirements of IATF 16949:2016. The current certificates can be downloaded in the download section.

Certificate Download

Filename Download
AEO-Certificate aeo-certificate.pdf (2.5 MiB)
Zertifikat ISO 50001:2011 Stolberg ISO_50001_2011_Stolberg.pdf (1.0 MiB)
Certificate IQNet ISO 14001:2015 Birkenfeld iqnet-iso-14001-2015-birkenfeld.pdf (384.6 KiB)
Zertifikat ISO 14001:2015 Stolberg ISO_14001_2015_Stolberg.pdf (1.1 MiB)
Certificate IQNet ISO 50001:2015 Birkenfeld iqnet-iso50001-2015-birkenfeld.pdf (586.1 KiB)
Certificate ISO 14001 Stolberg iso-14001-stolberg.pdf (468.6 KiB)
Quality, Environmental & Energy Policy quality-energy-policy.pdf (64.8 KiB)
Certificate ISO 14001-2004 Tultitlan Certificate 14001-2004.pdf (1.7 MiB)
Certificate ISO 18001-2007 Tultitlan Certificate 18001-2007.pdf (1.6 MiB)
Certificate IATF 16494 Tultitlan Mexico Certificate IATF 16494 Prym Inovan Mexico.pdf (464.2 KiB)
Certificate IATF 16949 Material Technology Certificate IATF 16949 material technology - englisch - 2018-05-03.pdf (1.0 MiB)
Certificate IATF 16949 Contact- and Surface Technology Certificate IATF 16949 contact- and surface technology - englisch - 2018-05-03.pdf (995.1 KiB)
Certificate ISO 9001 Birkenfeld Certificate ISO 9001 Birkenfeld englisch - 2018-05-03.pdf (547.7 KiB)
Certificate TQP 2017 Tultitlan Certificate TQP 2017.pdf (343.9 KiB)
Certificate IATF 16949:2016_Stolberg_englisch IATF 16949 Werk Stolberg englisch.pdf (197.1 KiB)
Certificate IATF 16494 Tianjin China IATF16949-2016 Certificate(CN&EN).pdf (558.7 KiB)
Certificate IQnet Stolberg englisch IQnet Stolberg.pdf (102.7 KiB)
IQNet-Certificate ISO 9001 Birkenfeld IQNet-Certificate ISO 9001 Birkenfeld - 2018-05-03.pdf (634.7 KiB)
Certificate ISO_9001:2015_Stolberg_englisch ISO 9001 englisch Stolberg.pdf (123.4 KiB)
Certificate ISO 14001-2015 Tianjin China ISO14001-2015 Certificate(EN).pdf (723.9 KiB)
Certificate IQNet ISO 14001:2015 Birkenfeld Zertifikat ISO 14001-2015 englisch bis 2019-07-14.pdf (564.5 KiB)
Certificate ISO 50001:2011 Birkenfeld Zertifikat ISO 50001-2011 englisch bis 2019-07-14.pdf (523.7 KiB)