Katalog Produkte

Our state-of-the-art electroplating lines provide the possibility of endless surface coating of selective strip and stamped grids. The precious metal or functional surface are brought / carried to the right point. Our engineers will help you to deal with the right layer system selection and the definition of the ideal selective technology.

Typical base materials are copper, copper alloys, nickel alloys, steel and stainless steel from 0.05 mm to 1.2 mm. We offer coatings for full strips, stamped parts, wires and profiles with all possible coating systems in the electronic industry and electrical engineering:

  • nickel, copper, silver, palladium, nickel / palladium, solid gold, ductile (pliable) gold, bondable gold, bondable Nano-coating nickel/palladium/gold and pure tin.

Inovan coatings are distinguished by the following properties :

  • Selective surfaces with the narrowest tolerances
  • Abrasion resistant coating combinations
  • Solderable surfaces
  • Surfaces for wire bonding
  • Corrosion resistant surfaces
  • Surfaces for connectors


Our broad portfolio contains the following variations:

Snap Domes

By using high grade materials and high precision technologies INOVAN grants highest reliability and quality standards.

Inovan offers a variety of standard dimensions, as well as designed solutions in cooperation with specific demands.

Products are used in different contact devices for automotive and industrial operating interfaces, like for example in keypads.

Inovan Standard Surfaces:

  • Au
  • Ag
  • Ni activation
  • Blank


Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled spring pins are radial, elastic fastener elements and flexible at use. Coiled spring pins are frequently used as a joiner pin for two or more components, a hinge or shear pin. Inovan produces coiled spring pins with all established surface finishings and upon request also in customized versions.

Our competent personnel and best manufacturing  equipment guarantee high precision and quality. Customers benefit from efficiency in series  and large-series production particularly by using multiple progressive compound tools.

Coiled spring pins are used as fastener elements for a wide range of applications  in the automotive up to the packaging industry.

Our delivery program includes the dimension range from 1 x 4mm up to 16x180mm and various versions:

ISO 8750 Standard version
ISO 8748 Heavy duty version
Super elastic Light version with high radial elasticity and less intrados pressure (1.5 windings)
TURBO With circular cross section (2 windings)
3 Windings For high shear forces
Reduced Diameter

With integrated firm-/loose  function or for insertion aid


With customized solutions  in  dimensions, materials, coatings


Slotted Pins

In addition to coiled spring pins, slotted pins are another part of our wide  range of products in mechanic connection technology. Slotted pins are produced according to ISO 8752 and ISO 13337 or upon customer request. They  are rolled from strip material and have a permanent slot on the longitudinal axis. Shocks and impacts can be easily absorbed by the spring behaviour.

Our products are available with all common surface treatments and are therefore an appropriate economic and technical alternative for grooved pins, cylindrical pins, rivets and bolts.

Slotted pins are used  in the automotive, electronic and packaging industry for varies applications.

Our product range contains: 

ISO 8752 Heavy duty
ISO 13337 Light version
ASME B18.8 n According to US-standard also in inch-dimension
JIS-B2808 According to Japanese standard
Automotive-version With reduced slot size as interlocking protection
Closed version As interlocking protection e.g. for surface treatment
Customized With customized solutions for dimensions, materials and surface treatments